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Mercado Ibérico -Anual 2015

Janeiro 2016
Mercado Ibérico -Anual 2015
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The Spanish transactional market registered a 45.97% increase in investment volume, in 2015, compared with the previous year, and generating approximately EUR 136.41bn. The number of deals also increased, from approximately 1,650 in 2014 to 1,956 in 2015, which represents an 18.55% increase.

In terms of quarters, a total of 523 deals were recorded in the fourth quarter of 2015, which generated approximately EUR 26.36bn. Out of these transactions, 147 were assets, 80 venture capital and 70 private equity deals.


The Portuguese transactional market registered a total of 254 deals, in 2015, which generated an investment volume of approximately EUR 19.03bn. These figures represent a 9.96% and 207.53% increase, respectively, compared with the previous year.

In terms of quarters, a total of 80 deals were recorded in the fourth quarter of 2015, of which 7 were venture capital and 18 private equity transactions.

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UIL Holdings Corporation- Holding company specialized in electric power and gas sector.

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TAP Air Portugal  - Company dedicated to air transports.

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