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América Latina - Novembro 2014

Novembro 2014
América Latina -  Novembro 2014
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In November, the Latin American transactional market was less dynamic, with 116 deals registered, compared to 145 in October. The investment volume also decreased, to some USD 23.10bn. Brazil was again the most active country, with 50 deals registered, and followed by Mexico with 18 and Chile with 15.

Nevertheless, so far this year, some Latin American countries have already exceeded the number of deals recorded throughout 2013. Argentina registered 159 deals since January, compared to 137 in 2013; Colombia recorded 120 compared to 116 last year; and Mexico registered 203 deals this year, compared to 175 from January to December 2013.

Highlights, this month, include a Public Takeover Offer launched by Banco Santander to acquire its subsidiary Banco Santander Brasil, for approximately USD 3.32bn. Furthermore, Spain-based Gas Natural Fenosa acquired a 96.5% stake in Chile-based Grupo CGE, for USD 3.18bn.

In the cross-border sector, Europe and North America were the most active regions. On one hand, Latin American companies carried out three acquisitions, respectively, in both geographies. An on the other hand, European acquirers carried out 22 acquisitions in Latin America, and US-based companies made 18 acquisitions.

The private equity segment´s activity was similar to the previous month, with a slight increase. A total of 13 deals were registered in November, compared to 11 last month. In addition, so far this year, the total number of deals was 134, compared with 147 recorded between January and December 2013.

This year has not been a particularly good year in the Latin American capital markets. However, some significant deals were registered in November. México de Fideicomiso Hipotecarios (FHIPO) carried out an IPO, for approximately USD 793m.

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