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América Latina - Julho 2014

Julho 2014
América Latina - Julho 2014
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In July, the Latin American transactional market’s activity increased due to the growth in the number of mergers and acquisitions in Brazil and Mexico. A total of 138 deals were registered in Latin America; 79 took place in Brazil and 23 in Mexico.

On the other hand, the investment volume generated was similar to the previous months, with some significant deals registered. Highlights include the acquisition by Grupo Energía de Bogotá (EEB) of a 31.92% stake in Colombia-based Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI), held by US-based private equity Citi Venture Capital (CVCI), a subsidiary of Citigroup. The deal value was USD 880m.

Regarding the cross-border sector, Europe, North America and Asia have become the most attractive regions for Latin American acquirers, with several strategic acquisitions. A total of four transactions were recorded in Europe and one in Asia. On the other hand, foreign-based companies made several investments in Latin America, with 25 acquisitions carried out by European companies, 22 by North American companies, 5 by Asian 5 and 1 by African.

In July, the private equity sector registered the largest number of deals so far this year, with 14 transactions equivalent to a 55.55% increase compared with June 2014. However, the investment volume decreased from USD 2,968m in June to USD 1,309m this month.

Investments in seed capital, venture capital, also increased. A total of 14 deals registered this month compared with 13 in June. Highlights include the acquisition by Colombia-based venture capital firm Velum Ventures, through Velum Early Stage Fund I, of a minority stake in Colombia-based This transaction was carried out through a capital increase of USD 500.000.

There were no significant deals registered in the capital markets sector this month. However, there are several important capital increases in the pipeline, which should be concluded in the next few months.

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