Press Release - Jan 2023

Transactional Track Record (TTR) is now TTR Data!

We are pleased to announce our new brand identity, domain, logo and tagline! TTR Data is a robust and intuitive platform delivering unrivaled transactional data and actionable intelligence on entities based in Latin America and Iberia.

TTR Data - Now You Know

Though it feels like yesterday, it's been 10 years since we began working tirelessly to deliver on our vision of providing the most comprehensive transactional data and business intelligence technology platform available.

Today, we're excited to announce that we have taken the next major step towards realizing that vision as Transactional Track Record (TTR) rebrands to become TTR Data. Now you know.

Selecting a new name is always a daunting task. In our case, however, the change is very slight and straight to the point! We wanted our brand identity to more accurately and intuitively represent the essence of our core business. Hence, TTR Data.

New Brand Identity and Even More Data

What changes will accompany our rebranding?

First and foremost, starting today, you'll be redirected to our new domain at You will also notice that our look and feel has been updated in line with our renewed identity across all our products. Check out the chart below as an example of what has changed!

We're excited to share this new visual representation of our company and its products. We understand that solid intelligence is a critical input for the performance of our business partners and are committed to delivering the most comprehensive data in an intuitive, user-friendly platform. We are confident that our new brand identity will serve to reinforce the alignment of our team, products and services with this mission, and look forward to serving you for years to come as TTR Data. Now you know.

New Brand Identity and Even More Data

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