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The Latinamerican Lawyer

September 2023

Latest issue of The Latin American Lawyer now online

The new edition of The Latin American Lawyer comes with the most current and relevant content of recent months. As usual, in both versions we present our On the move section, dedicated to highlighting the most important and recent transfers and moves. Meanwhile, in our usual On the web section, in the portuguese version we highlight operations that were advised by multiple firms; while in the spanish version we compile notes that show the investment appetite of the real estate market in the region. Among the most notable topics, we dedicate the front page of the Brazilian version to the new digital currency, Drex, which will soon be launched. We gathered the opinion of experts in the field to find out what implications the use of the digital real will have. Another aspect involving technology is the modification of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) that will allow the use of electronic signatures, where, also in the Brazilian version, we talked about it with Marc Stalder, partner at Demarest. An event that involves the entire continent and whose article we feature on our spanish cover is the Panamerican Games. This sporting celebration has an exhaustive legal work behind it, so, through the words of the legal director Enrique Mendoza, we inquire about the work of the lawyers that will allow the success of these competitions held in Santiago 2023. Also, as usual, we put the eye on the transactional market, where, in this same version, we make a ranking of the firms with the highest number of M&A transactions during the first half of the year, thanks to information provided by TTR Data.

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